Smart Budget is a online budgeting system that uses the envelopes method of budgeting to keep your money under control.

If you’re not familiar, the concept is simple: Separate your budget into different categories, such as entertainment, groceries, rent, and gasoline … Create an envelope for each category, label it, allocate money in each envelope representing the total amount you’ll spend in that category for the month and when the money’s gone, stop spending in that category until the next month. Categorizing purchases determines how your money should be used. It gives you the guidelines of what our behavior should look like. By tracking purchases and following through on categorizing you can identify what you have done well and what we have done poorly.

Smart Budget enables users to create virtual envelopes and “fill them” with money so they can access and view remaining amounts throughout the month, preventing overspending.

Installation: The installation of the system is very simple.
  • User account with authentication and lost password.
  • User profile with custom currency.
  • Multiple (bank) accounts per user (with summary page).
  • Bank account sharing (with email invitation for non existant users).
  • multiple envelopes per (bank) account (with account and archiving).
  • Overview of current balances (for accounts and envelopes).
  • Recurring operations
  • History records by account & envelope (with previous values).
  • Monthly and yearly reports (with donut and line charts).
  • Internationalization (fully supported : English, French).
  • Simple database backup from command line.

Take a look at the screenshots or try our LIVE demo application to explore more: Demo Informations:
Email: and Password: admin123

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