You don’t need to be SEO expert to optimize your site for search engines Only single click

Features: Visual compression Creating Auto Product Labels Creating Auto Meta Keywords Creating Auto Meta Description Creating Auto Sitemap Creating SEO URL for product Sitemap Builder Also: Create aggregate URLs for products, categories, and pages, or edit individual pages. SEO Paging SEO Breadcrumbs Google Schema Structure for Products Google Schema Structure for the Site Integrate Social Media, Google Search, Google GeoLocation, and Google Publisher Build Creating SEO URL for Brands

How to use Magic SEO? (Opencart Plugin) How to Create Seo Url? (MagicSeo – Opencart Plugin) How to Create XML Sitemap? (MagicSeo – Opencart Plugin) MagicSeo Settings (Opencart Plugin)



Caution Back up before you use Username : demo Password :demo

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